BPO – Business Process Outsourcing.

For some time now, the market has been aware of how expensive and complex it is to manage all areas of a company in-house. Time and labor spent on such activities divert a company from its core business and generate considerable expenses.

Investment in outsourced processes is synonymous with efficiency and lowering costs. By ensuring quality practices, a company is able to focus fully on its core business. 

KPO – Knowledge Process Outsourcing.

Corporate and technological evolution go hand-in-hand. Technology is essential for proper business management. However, unrefined technology can lead to data overload.

KPO is intelligent information management based on knowledge and analytical skill. Beyond gathering and verifying data, it combines expertise, infrastructure, and intelligence to develop sophisticated projections.

Using KPO-based predictive analysis, it is possible to prepare a plan with actual gains in strategic performance.



Highly standardized procedural activities with predictable results. More complex jobs that demand high level reasoning. Lesser amount of standardization. Even more complex tasks normally associated with strategic corporate decisions.
  • Electronic Document Management
  • Outsourced Courtroom Visits
  • Database Alignment
  • Frozen Asset Management
  • Automated Capture of New Lawsuits
  • Legal Auditing
  • Systems Integration
  • Jurimetrics – Analysis of Legal Trends
  • Case Analyses
  • Database Reduction Strategy
  • Lawsuit Consulting